Smartz Rewards Program – Share the Pride, Share the Wealth!

Our goal: To be able to donate as many tee-shirts to kids as possible. To achieve this goal now and for years to come, we offer our liberty wear to the public at competitive prices. This translates to consistent sales which will give us the ability to continually donate shirts.


Rewarding supporters: To encourage ongoing reordering and the referring of new supporters – we have added a unique cash rewards program. Although not designed specifically as a business opportunity; considerable income potential exists for those who choose to treat it as such by placing regular orders and consistently referring new supporters.


How it works: Our rewards program is based on a company master “2x infinity” forced, cash rewards matrix. Every order placed by supporters then generates a 2×12 rewards matrix within the master matrix which rewards them for their support. Perpetuation of the master matrix is achieved through referrals of new supporters. The referring of new supporters is optional. However, referring new supporters can increase the income a rewards center can generate.


Example: When you place an order for a Libertee/$39.95 ($36.95 + $3.00 S&H), a 2×12 rewards matrix is generated. As this matrix is filled with new Libertee orders you will receive a cash reward of $1.50 per order through 8 levels. Get just one referral and your rewards center will pay through 10 levels. Get 2 referrals and you will be rewarded through all 12 levels. Each rewards center has the potential of over $12,000.00.


A 2×12 rewards matrix consists of 12 levels of orders progressing by a multiple of 2
with each order paying $1.50: 
 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, 2,048, 4,096 = 8,190 total orders!
Potential cash rewards of $12,285.00 


No monthly order requirements: Each rewards center is generated by a one-time order. There are no monthly order requirements to receive cash rewards from your center, however, every new order will generate a new rewards center within your original center which will also generate cash rewards. There are no limits to the number of rewards centers you may have.


The power of our 2×12 rewards matrix system: Every rewards center can only have 2 orders on the 1st level forcing additional orders to “spill-over’ into the lower levels. The result is that your reorders and the orders of those you refer can “spill-over” under those in your matrix. Plus, the reorders of those above you and the orders of those they refer can also “spill-over” into your matrix. This can create massive spillover helping fill rewards centers for everyone. A true team support system!


Referrals accrue—if you do the work—you deserve the pay: You will always get credit for your referrals. Example: If you have just 1 rewards center and through your referral efforts you happen to refer 6 new supporters, that 1 center will qualify for all 12 levels of rewards leaving 4 referrals to automatically qualify your next 2 centers should you place two more orders anytime in the future.

Smartz Rewards—Fair and Simple!


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