Q. Who is Smartz Printing?
A. Smartz printing is a screen printing and embroidery company committed to giving back to the community and its customers (which we refer to as supporters) in a very unique way.


Q. How does Smartz give back?
A. For every order they receive, Smartz will donate a tee-shirt to kids through shelters, churches, non-profits, etc. Plus, they reward supporters for their orders and their referring of new supporters, through a multi-level cash rewards program,


Q. Is there any cost to participate and how does one get started?
A. There is no cost to participate, other than placing an order. So, to get started, simply place an order for a LiberTee—just $39.95 ($36.95 + $3.00 S&H). Your order will generate your Rewards Center. And there are no ongoing reordering requirements. However, every reorder will generate a new Rewards Center.


Q. What do you mean by a Rewards Center?
A. A rewards center consists of a network of supporters created through your referrals and the referrals of other supporters—supporters you refer, those they refer and those they refer, etc. 12 levels deep. Your participation may qualify you to receive a cash reward of $1.50 on all orders placed by supporters in your 12 level organization. This organization is generated by a 2×12 forced matrix.


Q. What is a 2×12 forced matrix and its potential cash rewards?
A 2×12 forced matrix is a organizational building system where you are only allowed to have 2 supporters on your 1st organizational level. The same applies to those 2 supporters and their 2 supporters, etc. Once there are 2 supporters on one’s 1st level, any new supporters that are referred spill-over under those 2. So that forces ones organization to grow in multiples of 2 thru the 12 levels. Thus the name 2×12 forced matrix. (See our “How your matrix grows” presentation.) The bottom line is a 2×12 matrix can generate a total of 8,190 orders (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, 2,048, 4,096 = 8,190), each paying $1.50. A potential cash rewards of $12,285.00. And there is no limit to the number of Rewards Centers you can have. Each new Rewards Center (order) will be placed in the next available spot within your original matrix.


Q. So, I have to refer lots of new supporters?
A. No! Your order qualifies you to receive cash rewards thru 8 levels. However to qualify for levels 9 & 10, you will have to refer 1. And to qualify for levels 11 & 12 you have to refer 1 more. That’s a total of just 2 referrals to qualify for all 12 levels. That’s it!
     And, remember, you are also rewarded for all reorders in your organization. So, it’s not a matter of how many supporters in your organization, but how many orders and reorders are placed within your organization. Even your reorders can pay you rewards, not to mention that they will generate a new Rewards Center for you which can generate an additional $12,285.00.


Q. When and how am I paid?
A. We pay 2 times a month by check. There a 2 pay periods, the 1st thru the 15th of the month and the 16th thru the end of the month…In most cases, checks are mailed 7 days after the close of each pay period unless effected by weekends and holidays. The minimum check is $10.00 and multiple Rewards Centers earnings are combined and paid in one check. There is a $1.50 processing and mailing fee per check.


Q. Are there any other requirements to earn cash rewards?
A. You will have to register as a “Qualified Supporter” in order to receive commissions past $600 in a year. Our system will trigger a notification after you earn $300 and we will request a social security or tax ID number from you at that time. We will withhold any earnings past $600 until we receive the requested information. Individuals will have to provide us with a Social Security number (SS#) or tax ID number: Companies their Federal Identification number (FID). As a Qualified Supporter, you are an independent agent and responsible for all personal taxes and your earnings will be reported according to law.


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