06/15/2018 We want to thank all our members for their participation in our program.  It is through your participation that we are able to donate tee shirts to children.  The following two organizations were the recipients of our pre-launch volume donations…and I can assure they are soooo appreciative:

Reynolds Home – www.reynoldshome.org

Candlelighters – www.candlelighterselp.org

6/7/2018 – It’s “Launch Time”!  May concluded out Pre-launch and May’s second commission pay period has been processed and checks are in the mail.

And, right on schedule (June 2018) we’ve gone live – member websites and on-line shopping cart is up and running.  Log onto your site (ShareThePride.com/your ID#) and into your back-office and check things out.  Just remember, things may continue to change a bit as we tweak all aspects of our Online Experience.

5/23/18 – The first commission run is complete and checks are in the mail! This commission run includes everything from day one. Check your back office to see how your organization is growing.  The next commission run will be for activity from 5/16/18 through 5/31/18 and will be mailed out around the end of the first week in June. Commission runs are done twice a month. The first half of the month mailed out in the third week of the month and the second half of the month mailed out in the first week of the next month.

We expect online ordering any day now. We will update everyone here as soon as we are ready to go! Soon all the pieces will be in place and we can simply share this and make it grow!

5/01/18 – You are now able to access your personal website: ShareThePride.org/Your ID# … From here you can log into your back office by clicking on the “Member Log In” link at the very bottom of every page.  On the SIGN IN (https://member.smartzprinting.com) page, your USER NAME is your ID#.  Simply enter your USER NAME (ID #) and then your PASSWORD and SIGN IN…you will be taken to your Back Office.

Once you have logged into your back office, please add/update your Email address and Phone Number.  These will be REQUIRED to place orders On-Line; and, of course, to receive our emails.

We are now manually entering orders from all our members who enrolled during this PreLaunch period.  This should only take a couple of days.  This information should be available as we input it.

We are also working on completing work to integrate the Shopping Cart with On Line Ordering.  Once that is complete, you will be notified.  So, keep checking our NEWS page on our website.

Remember, you enrolled during our “Site Construction and PreLaunch” stage.  We thought it would be fun to allow you to watch this process.  So, don’t become alarmed if things don’t always work smoothly over the next few days…we have people working in the background completing tasks which could affect things periodically!

4/25/18 – Your ID number and back office log in information will be sent out by the end of the week (4/28) by mail. Keep an eye out!

4/13/18 – Much is happening in the background to prepare for launch in May.  Acknowledgement letters are being sent out to members joining us during pre-launch. Id number, back office log in information, and your order for a “Libertee” T-shirt will be sent out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work hard to bring this program to the public!


3/16/18 – We are currently in pre-launch! Back office software is getting setup as well as the integration of our payment processor. You are one of the first to know about the Share the Pride program! 
We are in pre-launch and you can secure a position in the matrix right now. We are currently accepting payments by mail only during this phase. We time stamp all incoming mail and you will be placed in the matrix accordingly. Please remember to enter the person’s name as the referral on the order form. We will send you back office login information with your order as soon as possible. Please remember that we are in pre-launch. We plan to have your order to you by the end of April. Thank you for your patience.


We look forward to helping you Share The Pride and Share The Wealth!